Benefits of Commercial Pipe Bursting

Repairing sewage systems can be a very difficult task, especially when the job is a commercial one. It can potentially be very time-consuming and disruptive, while also unsafe. Thankfully, the development of trenchless technology has given us plenty of no-dig solutions. Pipe bursting is one such solution. Here are a few of its benefits.


Pipe Bursting Explained

Pipe bursting involves blasting out an old, broken pipe and inserting a new one. This can be done without digging as when the pipe is burst, the hole where the previous pipe temporarily expands, allowing the new pipe to be pulled through.

Being a no-dig option, this is particularly appealing from a commercial perspective. In busy, compact areas, undergoing a large-scale digging operation is not desirable. However, pipe bursting is a great alternative as it can be done in tight spaces and causes minimum hassle.

Helps Prevent Trench Settlement

Trench settlement is a notorious issue when digging up and replacing a sewer, especially in commercial areas where there are pavements that many people use on a regular basis. Pavements settle along with the trenches, which not only makes them trickier to walk on but less aesthetically pleasing too. This can be corrected at a later date but it’s another unnecessary cost.

It’s Cheaper

Digging up a whole area to insert new pipes is an expensive job. Not only will it take a while, but it requires many workers too. With pipe bursting, this is not the case. Since no one is going to be digging, far fewer people are needed to complete the repair. Moreover, it doesn’t take anywhere near as long as the new pipe is being inserted as the old one is being replaced.

Less Damage

Commercial areas are going to be busy and need as little disruption as possible. If an area has to be entirely dug up then this will create plenty of damage that isn’t going to be repaired overnight. The lack of digging also prevents any toxic substances from reaching ground level.

Long Lasting

If the pipes previously in place are old, then pipe bursting is a far better alternative than trying to repair them. Over time, traditional pipe materials – clay and cast iron – crack or rust and are prone to leakage and complete failure. However, modern pipes are much sturdier and last much longer, greatly reducing the chances of additional repairs.

It’s Safer

Believe it or not, bursting a pipe is much safer than digging it out. There is much underground that is best left there, such as mold. Full excavation brings these nasty substances to the surface. There may be little danger in it, but in commercial areas where there are people, what is the benefit of putting people at risk when you don’t have to?

Boosts Flow Capacity

Because pipe bursting increases the width of the hole for a short period, the opportunity is there to insert a slightly larger pipe. Hence, flow capacity is boosted ensuring that a sewage system works more smoothly.

Contact a Professional Pipe Relining Expert

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