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Hydro Jetting

To unclog underground plumbing pipes, hydro jetting is a simple solution to quickly defeat blockages. Hydro jetting works well for storm drain systems, which develop different types of blockages than sewer drain lines.

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“What tends to happen is a lot of people call a plumber to snake a drain—which doesn’t work as well for bigger problems,” Drain&Water CEO Juan Diaz says. “Storm drains are very different from a sewer system. With storm drainage systems, you have debris that gets swept into the system by the rain itself—dirt, rocks and anything else that gets caught. In a sewer system you have more control: everything has to go through the toilet, shower or sink.”

top rated hydrojetting plumbing company in Santa Clara county

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Drain&Water technicians utilize a high-pressure hose fitted with a specialized nozzle. The hose is attached to a powerful machine that pressurizes water and jets a stream strong enough to quickly break up debris from problem areas.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Flushing out a clogged underground drain is a better solution than using snakes and augers, which can lead to expensive repairs down the line. Hydro jetting is effective at removing all types of blockages, including grease, hair, soap scum, mineral buildup, tree roots and other foreign objects that can cause a clog. There are several advantages of using hydro jetting to clean drains and sewer lines.

Thorough Cleaning

Hydro jetting can effectively remove blockages—including grease, debris, mineral buildup and roots—from inside drain pipes. High-pressure water can reach deep into pipes, blast away the buildup and leave them sparkling clean.

Prevents Future Clogs

By cleaning pipes with hydro jetting, a plumbing drain system is less likely to experience clogs in the future. High-pressure water removes buildup that can contribute to clogs, so there’s less material stuck to the sides of underground pipes for future blockages to form.

Versatile Cleaning

Hydro jetting can be used on a wide range of pipes, including residential, commercial and industrial pipes. It’s a versatile method of cleaning that can be used on drain pipes of all sizes and shapes, including storm drains and sanitary sewer systems.

Cost Effective

Hydro jetting can save money in the long run. It is a cost effective solution for homeowners, HOAs, apartment managers or commercial property managers. By preventing future clogs and avoiding costly repairs, it can ultimately be a good investment.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydro jetting avoids use of harsh chemicals or toxins, making it an environmentally-friendly method of cleaning drains and pipes.

Hydro Jetting vs Drain Snaking to Fix Drain Line Clogs

Drain line clogs are a common plumbing issue that can cause significant problems in a home. A clogged drain can cause wastewater to back up into sinks, showers, and toilets, leading to unpleasant odors, water damage, and health hazards. There are several methods for fixing drain line clogs, but two of the most common are hydro jetting and drain snaking.

Both hydro jetting and drain snaking are effective methods for removing drain line clogs. Snaking is generally more affordable and effective for small to medium-sized clogs, while hydro jetting is more powerful and thorough for the more stubborn blocks. Ultimately, the choice between these methods depends on where the clog is located, how severe the blockage appears to be, and the condition of your pipes. Consulting with our plumbing experts is best to determine the most appropriate course of action for your needs.


Hydro Jetting Pros & Cons

Hydro jetting is a popular pipe-cleaning method that uses a high-pressure stream of water to clear a blockage. The water is directed into clogged pipes at high pressure, dislodging clogs while cleaning in the process as well. Hydro jetting is a more powerful and thorough method than snaking and is recommended for stubborn clogs and blockages.


  1. Effective for large clogs: Hydro jetting is effective for removing the expansive blockage in pipes.
  2. Thorough cleaning: Hydro jetting cleans the entire length of the pipe, removing built-up debris and improving the overall flow of the system.
  3. No damage to pipes: Hydro jetting is a gentle method, it won’t cause damage to pipes.


  1. Slightly more expensive: Hydro jetting is generally more expensive than snaking across the board, but well worth it and highly recommended by plumbing experts for getting rid of troublesome cogs.
  2. Requires specialized equipment: Hydro jetting requires specialized equipment that may not be available from all plumbers. Drain&Water specialists are well equipped with the latest state-of-the-art tools and technology to remove debris from pipes.
  3. May not be suitable for fragile pipes: With older pipes, hydro jetting may cause damage, especially to PVC piping. It may be recommended to replace piping instead of hydro jetting a blockage through a fragile piping system.

Drain Snaking Pros & Cons

Snaking is a plumbing method that uses a long, flexible cable—a drain snake—to remove clogs from pipes. The snake is inserted into the drain and rotated to dislodge the clog, which is then pulled out of the pipe. Snaking is a relatively simple and affordable method for removing clogs, but it has some limitations.


  1. Effective for small to medium-sized clogs: Snaking is effective for removing small to medium-sized clogs in pipes.
  2. Affordable: Snaking is generally more accessible than hydro jetting.
  3. No damage to pipes: Snaking is a gentle method that does not cause damage to pipes.


  1. Limited effectiveness: Snaking may not be effective for large or stubborn blockages.
  2. Limited scope: Snaking is only effective for clogs that are close to the surface of the drain. It cannot reach clogs deep in the pipes.
  3. May damage fragile pipes: Snaking may cause damage to fragile pipes, especially those made of PVC.

Which Method Is Best for Your Situation?

The choice between hydro jetting and snaking depends on the severity and the location of the clog, as well as the condition of the pipes. If you have a small to medium-sized clog close to the surface of the drain, snaking may be the best option. However, if you have a large or stubborn clog located deep within the pipes, hydro jetting may be necessary.

If you’re not sure which method is best for your situation, it’s best to consult with our professional plumbers. They can assess the condition of your pipes, locate the clog, and recommend the best course of action.

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