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A gurgling toilet can indicate trouble with drain lines.

Gurgling or bubbling coming from a toilet— whether randomly or after a flush—can signal a bigger issue, such as a mainline or sewer line problem. If you hear gurgling sounds or see bubbling, it may indicate that negative air pressure or suction is building up in the drain line between your property and the municipal sewer system. Typically, air flows freely through drain lines. The airflow allows waste to flow smoothly out of your home or business to the street. When a toilet makes a gurgling noise, it can be a sign that negative air pressure or suction is building up in the drain line.

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Why Does My Toilet Gurgle?

What causes a toilet to gurgle? The buildup of negative air pressure is caused by a clog in one of two places: somewhere in the drain system, either close to the toilet or farther down the main sewer line that connects to your city’s sewer system. Plumbing specialists such as Drain&Water use advanced equipment, including small cameras, to look for clogs or blockages such as tree roots that can clog your main sewer line.


There’s also a possibility that the main sewer line leading to your home has broken or collapsed. In the past, that meant excavating the sewer line. Drain&Water, however, uses no-dig TrenchFree™ trenchless technology to eliminate sewer line clogs or repair pipe breaks.

Plunging or snaking may be all that’s required to remove a blockage, so if you are able to do that, try that first.

If that doesn’t handle the problem, it’s time to call in a professional. A specialized firm like Drain&Water has the equipment to identify whether hydro jetting or pipe lining is needed to restore your drain line’s function.

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