Trenchless Sewer Repair Save Time, Money, and Stress

Trenchless sewer inspection and repair has revolutionized how pipe problems are identified and fixed. Though many homeowners haven’t heard of this technology, modern plumbers who are up-to-date with the latest methods usually recommend trenchless to homeowners.

The biggest reason that homeowners choose trenchless is because it gets your home back to normal more quickly. But there are several big reasons to go trenchless when you want to save tons of time, money, and stress. Here is a closer look.


What Is Trenchless Sewer Inspection and Repair?

The trenchless approach starts with a video camera inspection of the sewer pipes. A tiny camera with a locator device is sent through the pipe. The technician follows its progress via a monitor above ground. He can see exactly what the problem is. The most common causes are tree roots, cracks in the pipe, or deteriorating pipes.

The locator device tells him exactly where the sewer pipe is located and where the problem is. There is no guessing involved. This means he can pinpoint where to start the repair work before it even starts.

Technicians doing the repairs have detailed knowledge of where they will work, what they will find, and what they need to do to fix it.

How Does It Save Time?

With standard sewer repair, the technicians need to dig multiple holes. This lets them locate the sewer pipe and find the spot where the problem is. By digging down, they can figure out what is causing the problem. Then they need to excavate more to remove the damaged pipe and replace it with a new section.

With trenchless, this digging isn’t necessary. All the technicians need is one or two access holes. They know before they even get into the backhoe where the problem is and what is causing it. The less digging involved, the more time that is saved.

The work is done by pulling a flexible tube through the damaged pipe. This has been coated with resin. When it hardens, you have a new pipe in place that is as durable and dependable as standard pipes.

How Does It Save Money?

With conventional repair methods, a great deal of labor is used in digging. And labor is costly. By reducing this to a minimum, trenchless methods save you money.

With standard methods, your yard is a disaster. The technicians need to destroy your flowers, trees, and shrubs to get to the problem. They often need to cut through patio and driveway surfaces if the sewer line runs under them. Restoring landscaping and your outdoor structures adds considerably to the cost of sewer repair.

How Does It Save Stress?

Trenchless repair work takes a fraction of the time that the digging method does. It can be done in a day or several days, while conventional methods require weeks. Add in the time to restore gardens and patios, which can be several more weeks.

When you save money, you reduce stress. And trenchless sewer line repair is the most cost-effective method by far. You also don’t have to look at the unsightly mess that the digging approach causes. With trenchless sewer inspection and repair, your family life gets back to normal quickly. That is one of the biggest stress relievers of all.